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                    欢迎访问抚顺市天成工业用布厂官网!Welcome to Fushun Tiancheng Industrial Fabric Factory!


                    8:00 - 17:30

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                    关于我们 / ABOUT

                    公司简介 Profile

                    公司简介 Profile


                      公司中文名称: 抚顺市天成工业用布厂,辽宁天舜环保工程有限公司,抚顺天成环??萍加邢薰?---已成立天成集团







                    Company Name: Fushun City Tiancheng industrial cloth factory, Liaoning Tianshun Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd., Fushun Tiancheng Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. ---- has established Tiancheng Group

                    Fushun Tiancheng Industrial Cloth Factory is one of the large-scale professional enterprises in the production and operation of nonwovens, woven filter and accessories. It has passed ISO9001 international quality system certification and obtained independent export right. It is one of the key enterprises of environmental protection industry in China , Is the bag dusting committee member units.

                    My company fixed assets of 160 million yuan, the annual production capacity of 20 million square meters, in Fushun City Fucheng City Tiancheng industrial cloth factory; Fushun Tiancheng Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.; Liaoning Tianshun Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd., with modern production plant 4000 Yu-square meters, the production of room temperature, temperature, high temperature three series of hundreds of varieties of non-woven. Weaving filter and skeleton, Venturi and other accessories.

                    Fushun Tiancheng Group Company in accordance with international standards of 10 sets of domestic advanced acupuncture production line, at the same time have singeing, calendering, stereotypes, coating, impregnation, drying, coating more than after finishing equipment. And configure such as: digital strength instrument, digital electronic breathable instrument, oven and other sets of testing equipment, will fully guarantee the quality of filter products, and to meet the needs of different industries, different conditions. Products are widely used in steel, cement, nonferrous metal smelting, coking, asphalt mixing, electricity, chemicals, tobacco, food, medicine, wood processing and other industries.

                    "Character to create quality, dedication dedication users" is the day of adult business philosophy, "integrity and pragmatic, the pursuit of excellence, people-oriented, science and technology plant" is the adult business strategy. For a long time days adults rely on advanced production, testing equipment and a large number of high-quality professional engineering and technical personnel committed to product research and development, based on professional experience and scientific research data designed and manufactured for different conditions of products to meet the different needs of users. "Tiandaochouqin, adult beauty" Tiancheng people willing to hold up with you a blue sky.